Treat Yourself: Amazon’s Luxe Massage Chairs Are Down to Their Lowest Prices Since Black Friday (2024)

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Amazon’s Black Friday sale is a great time to score a discount on big-ticket items you’ve been eyeing online, but the site is currently offering up some attractive deals that you can get now.

Case in point: Amazon’s latest deals gets you a brand-new massage chair recliner from just $300 — even cheaper than Black Friday. It’s a great way to invest in new seating for your living room or den, and it makes a sure-to-be-appreciated gift idea too.


COMHOMA Recliner Massage Rocker


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This deal gets you the COMHOMA recliner, that boasts a heat function and eight vibrating zones for full-body relaxation. The fabric material is soft and gentle against your skin, while the seat is created with an ergonomic design to gently hug your body (while still protecting your posture).

What we like: this massage chair has a 360° swivel function, so you can easily get in and out of the chair, or rotate it around, say, to watch TV or talk to someone on the other side of the room. Two side cup holders and a padded backrest are nice extra touches.

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This massage chair looks great in an office or den, and is small enough to fit in a bedroom too without looking out of place. At just $309, this is one of the lowest prices we’re seeing for a well-made massage chair online. Amazon says more than 300 people have claimed this deal in the last month alone. See full details here.

Another Amazon deal is on this top-rated Real Relax Massage Chair, which delivers shiatsu-style relaxation thanks to its comfortable padding, recliner-style seating and six different massage modes, which can provide everything from a full-body massage to more targeted experiences for your neck, back, legs and feet.


Real Relax Massage Chair (2024 Model)


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The LCD touch screen lets you set timers and customize your massage by mode, speed, intensity and muscle area. Meanwhile, the heating function helps to relieve muscle pain and boost blood circulation for even more relaxation, and the Bluetooth feature allows you to listen to your favorite music on the built-in speakers.

Six massage techniques including kneading, tapping, Shiatsu, flapping, kneading/tapping and kneading/flapping help to accurately target all pressure points from head to toe. Full-body “airbags” on the sides work like compression sleeves, to help with post-workout recovery and pain relief.

While most massage chairs can run upwards of thousands of dollars, this Amazon deal gets you the recliner for just $729 — the lowest price we’ve seen yet for this top-rated recliner.

Want another option? Amazon’s current massage chair deals also include this BILITOK Massage Chair, which also has built-in speakers and Bluetooth, so you can listen to your favorite podcast or playlist while you’re relaxing.


Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity

$849.99$1,19929% off

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Originally priced at $1,199, Amazon’s massage chair deal gets you the zero gravity recliner for just $849 — a 29 percent discount. Apply the on-site coupon to save an additional $50 off.

Both of the above deals get you a so-called “zero gravity” massage chair, which means you can raise your feet to be at the same level as your heart. The resulting position helps to reduce strain on your spine and relieve muscle tension. In fact, many people prefer to sleep in this “zero gravity” position, since it minimizes the effects of gravity pulling on your body.


Snailax Vibration Massage Seat Cushion

$56.98$65.9914% off

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If you’re looking to save even more, one of the best cheap massage chair options is a massager seat cushion like this one by Snailax, which features six vibrating points and two heating levels for only $56.

Great for the office or at home, the massage chair pad is an easy way to get a massage in without investing in an actual chair or recliner. It’s a great space-saving hack too.

Amazon has the massage cushion on sale as an exclusive for Prime members, so you’ll need to act fast to get this discount. Get more details here.

Treat Yourself: Amazon’s Luxe Massage Chairs Are Down to Their Lowest Prices Since Black Friday (2024)


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